Meadow in a wheelbarrow

Question: turf in a wheelbarrow

Respectable. Company excusing me for the intrusion, I would have a suggestion to ask you, perhaps banal: I would like to create a small very low lawn on the surface of a wheelbarrow containing 9 seedlings in bloom; how do you advise me to act? sow a specific herb or something else? Thank you for your attention and best regards.

Lawn in wheelbarrow: Answer: turf in a wheelbarrow

Dear Carmelo,
to create a turf, whether it is tiny or huge, one proceeds more or less always in the same way: one uses a good soil, or it is enriched with sand and manure that present in the garden; it is worked well and is smoothed, so that it has no hollows or bumps, then it is sown by spreading and watered regularly to allow the seedlings of the lawn to develop. Generally it takes a few weeks before having a dense and compact turf; for this reason we often use lawns in rolls, which could be ideal in your case, but in nurseries we hardly keep the grass in rolls, they order it when it's needed by customers. So it is very likely that they tell you that you need very little to be able to place an order; but if you find a nursery that generally does gardens, you can hope for some cropping, resulting from a garden just finished; after all, for your wheelbarrow you don't need more than a square meter of rolled carpet, and the cutouts can be placed close together, creating a compact lawn. Also in this case, first work the soil well, and flatten it, then cover it with a thin layer of sand, on which you will place the clods. If the plants are already in bloom in the wheelbarrow, the seeding method is certainly more practical, because getting around the plants by placing the lawn in rolls is certainly a complicated operation, which leads you to having to patch the small lawn here and there. To make the turf seedlings grow better, remember that moisture is essential, especially in the first few weeks. But since it is a small container, with a set amount of land, remember also not to leave all the soil soaked; if possible, drill holes in the bottom of the wheelbarrow, because otherwise it may happen that the ground becomes completely saturated with water, and remains soaked for days and days, causing the roots of the plants to be suffocated (not just those of the lawn, but also those from flower), with consequent development of fungal diseases and death of plants. If it is not possible for you to pierce the wheelbarrow, then remember to water only when the ground is very dry.
If the lawn that you need to create must be very low and with minimal maintenance you can think of using dichondra, which is a ground-covering ground-cover plant, which creates a nice thick and pleasant carpet.