Garden furniture

Iron garden furniture

You can opt for a table completely made of wrought iron, or a table with an iron structure and covered base, all coordinated with chairs that are built in the same way and with the same decorative motifs.Contrary to what one might think, wrought iron tables and chairs are now also very light. You can then choose to leave it in its natural shade, in this way the garden will take on a very sober but truly refined appearance, or choose it painted in the color you like best. Wrought iron, however, has a very discreet presence that will never be excessive or out of place. An iron garden furniture will give the environment a unique and particular but never suffocating imprint. In addition, there are objects of all sizes, so it is wrong to think that iron is only suitable for very large spaces, indeed it will be fine even for small gardens that will really look like a corner of serene paradise.With iron all customer needs will be met.For example, the tables with the iron structure and the base covered with majolica are very special.Majolica is a type of ceramic, and is often used because it makes the table look even more beautiful, but it will also make it much more functional because cleaning operations will be much easier.Often it is majolica that reproduces elements that have to do with summer, the colors are warm or similar to the shades of the sea; many are also hand painted.Such a structured table will be resistant and will not fear weather conditions at all. Just use cleaning products that are not too aggressive so that the tiles are not damaged. The use of tablecloths on iron tables is also not recommended because all its beauty would be hidden, which instead should always be clearly visible.The wrought iron chairs look like small regal thrones, the malleability of this material allows the creation of decorative motifs at the base that make them really special, however, if you prefer more comfort, you will find it useful to place cushions on them . The only advice to give is that when you are not using the chairs it would be advisable to remove the padding because a sudden storm will not damage the chair but will ruin the cushion.Iron Gazebo

The iron gazebos have an elegance more than the others, although stable and solid like other gazebos built with different materials, yet they look much lighter and more elegant, they are really refined.
The structure of an iron gazebo must be fixed to the ground with bolts and thus will have a very high probability of resisting strong gusts of wind.
Its main function is to create shade and repair the remaining garden furniture, but this is done with a touch of class more than the effect that gazebos built with different materials could have.
Whichever shape it has, its covering is made with a particular cloth similar to that of awnings, generally it is made with very light and relaxing shades.
The cloth can be disassembled during the winter months and stored to preserve it longer.
The iron gazebo can also be embellished with side curtains in the same color as the cover sheet.
It is preferable to create a flooring at the base so that cleaning and ground fixing of the gazebo is easier.

Iron garden furniture: Tip for iron cleaning

To clean the wrought iron, a brush is enough to remove the dust even in unattainable corners and from time to time you can clean your furniture with a cloth soaked in a little oil, this will allow you to avoid rust.