Climbing plants

The climbing plants section is the space exclusively dedicated to videos on the cultivation of climbing plants, videos thanks to which you can discover many features and as many details on the cultivation of this special category of plants. Climbing plants are ideal in the field of ornamental greenery to cover areas of the home that we are interested in hiding or at least covering, but they are also suitable for decorating trellises, pergolas and verandas. In fact, these plants, in addition to covering the house with their foliage, and therefore considerably cooling the environment thanks to their shade, give a remarkable ornamental value when they are installed. For those who want to learn how to cultivate these plants correctly, we have therefore thought of a series of videos dedicated to climbing plants, to the cultivation techniques of these species and especially to some very widespread species grown in the domestic environment and in ornamental greenery. In this section you will find video tutorials dedicated to the positioning of climbing plants and video supports dedicated to vines on pergolas and gazebos, videos that will explain how to use climbing plants as a ground cover but not only. Among the videos in this section you will find video contributions dedicated to the best varieties of evergreen creepers, to the best varieties of deciduous creepers, to jasmine, to wisteria and in general to the cultivation of climbing plants.