Suffering lemon

Question: how to cure lemon

I have a potted lemon plant, this winter I picked it up but lost all the leaves. Now that she has returned to the terrace she still has the old fruits but neither has a bud or a new leaf. I fertilized it with granulated fertilizer, with lupins and with liquid fertilizer (naturally at different times) but my lemon is "immobile" and indifferent to my care. Can I have any hope? Do I have to harvest all the fruits to give the plant more vigor?

Suffering lemon: Answer: how to cure the lemon

Gentile Attilia,
if a plant stops producing sprouts, it is clear that it is suffering for some reason, related to cultivation conditions; surely, having the fruits of the past season on the branches does not benefit the plant, which tries to bring them to maturity; therefore it is certainly important to remove the lemons, and maybe even slightly trim the branches, to check that they are still very green and not dried. Your lemon has probably suffered during the winter months; consider that these plants have in winter the period of their greater vegetative growth, and therefore in the winter months they need regular watering, fertilizer, direct sunlight. Not finding ourselves in places where lemons can be grown outdoors in winter, we are forced to place them in a sheltered place, where they often receive little light and no precipitation: this causes a very strong stress to the plant, which does not find what it needs. , just in the time of year when it would have more need. If you then brought the lemon in the house, the stress is even greater: these plants should never, ever be brought into the house, unless you have a very bright veranda, or a cool stairwell. During the winter months, lemons fear frost, and especially if intense and prolonged, but do not need a "fake spring" climate like the one they find in the home, with about 20 ° C constant and the air dried by the plant heating. I live in Lombardy, and my lemon tree in the winter lives in the garden, against the south-facing house wall, covered for a few weeks with non-woven fabric, so that it can enjoy the rain water. If the winter is decidedly very rigid, with temperatures well below zero, for a few weeks I move it to a cold greenhouse, where it does not receive frost, but has all the sun it wants, and the air is still fresh and wet. Your lemon has suffered because of the hot and dry climate it received during the winter months; it is not said that he is able to recover, the total loss of the leaves is a fairly clear symptom. Now that you have supplied various types of fertilizer, wait for the plant to show signs of life, watering the soil only when it is dry, expose the plant in a very bright place, and increase the environmental humidity by vaporizing the plant with demineralized water. Do not despair immediately, but do not be sure of the chances of shooting your plant.