Electric wood splitter

Electric wood splitter

An electric wood splitter is a very useful tool when large pieces of wood, large branches and tree trunks must be cut into small pieces. The electric motor has the advantage of being quite powerful, while maintaining a decidedly low noise level, especially if compared to the internal combustion engines. The instrument consists of a mobile platform, on which various sized logs can be placed; a wedge-shaped tool is lowered onto the log, and forcefully breaks the fibers of the wood, until it splits the log into many small pieces. To carry out the work without danger, the log splitter generally has mobile arms, which must be positioned so as to firmly hold the piece of timber to be broken. Clearly, for those who have to cut only a few quintals of wood per year, this tool can be superfluous.

Price of the electric log splitter

We are talking about a fairly expensive tool, also because the engine must be sufficiently powerful to produce the pressure suitable for breaking even large pieces of wood, and the tool must have a strong and resistant body. On the market we also find models suitable for hobby use, although in general they are not so different from small professional products. The prices are various, and depend mainly on the weight that the wedge can exercise on the wood, which generally starts at about 4 tons, to reach even 10-12. The cheapest products, of small size and with a practicable pressure of about 4-5 tons, can cost around 200 euros; while the larger models, with pressure reaching 12 tons, and on which very large logs can also be mounted, can cost up to 700-1000 euros.

Types of log splitter

Apart from the various powers of the log splitter motorization, which can be electric or petrol-driven, various types of this instrument exist on the market. The most classic have a vertical course: if a platform is placed a trunk high up to 40-60 cm, in a vertical position; the machine drops a wedge and presses it against the wood, breaking it into several sections. Other electric models instead bring the wood in a horizontal position, and a side trolley pushes the wood against the wedge, until it shatters it. The different models have motors of different powers, which can exert more or less pressure on the wood. These tools are useful especially when large logs are to be cut because they are not useful for cutting and cutting small branches.

For those who need a log splitter

These types of tools are certainly not interesting for anyone; whoever owns a small garden, and simply has to cut the remains of the pruning, needs a chipper rather, which allows to grind the small branches of the garden and hedge shrubs. The log splitter is instead comfortable for those who have a fireplace, or use a wood-burning barbecue: buying lumber from a farmer, cut into large pieces, you can check out very interesting prices. But even those who have a small corner of the forest may find it useful to have a log splitter, because the operations for splitting logs by hand are definitely challenging and very heavy. Traditionally, to break up large sections of wood into sections, wedges are used, which are then inserted into the cracks of the logs, and then hit with a club, until the wood is broken. The log splitter carries out the same operation mechanically.