Artificial hedges

Artificial hedges

Artificial hedges are useful for several reasons. First of all they rise to the shielding function of natural hedges, guaranteeing maximum privacy in your garden. Secondly they allow to embellish a part of the house that could be ruined, for example a wall that does not satisfy you at an aesthetic level, or simply can enhance a corner of the garden. Compared to natural hedges, artificial ones have the advantage of being resistant and do not require special care. The natural hedges must be watered, pruned and fertilized, while with artificial hedges you will get a perfect visual effect without having to take the time. They are also ideal for those who want a hedge, but the climatic conditions in the area do not allow it.

Artificial decorative hedges

The large variety of artificial hedges that are available in the market allows you to have the type that best matches your personal needs. If what you are looking for is to enhance a corner of your garden, the artificial hedge is what you need. Resistant and impeccable from an aesthetic point of view, it can be placed against a wall, creating a suggestive background where you want to place a table with chairs or outdoor chairs. In the market you can easily find synthetic hedges that reproduce ivy and climbing plants in general, guaranteeing a quid pluris to the outside of the house, without the fear of attracting insects or lizards. From detailed shades, artificial hedges recreate an absolutely natural effect.

How to mount an artificial hedge

Assembling an artificial hedge is not at all complicated. It is only necessary to have structures where the special hooks can be attached. If you want to place the synthetic hedge on a railing or on a fence around your garden, all you have to do is unroll it and place it on the ground. At this point you will need to take the measurements and possibly cut it so that it fits perfectly with the surface you want to cover. The artificial hedge is light and manageable so that it can be hooked without problems even to the walls using nails, for a decorative use. In case you want to place the hedge in a place where there is no structure, you will have to create it ad hoc by planting stakes on the ground and mounting an iron net that will act as a wall where you can rest the hedge and carry out your project.

Clean the artificial hedge

To be able to obtain an artificial hedge that can always appear beautiful and impeccable, it will be necessary to provide, once in a while, to clean the foliage of which it is composed. In particular for the hedges attached to the walls, where there is no wind or rain and therefore the dust may accumulate more, it is necessary to proceed with dusting the surface. You can help yourself by using a dust cloth or the classic duster. Then you will have to use a cloth and a detergent. The ideal is a sprayer through which you can spread the product directly on the hedge and consequently pass the cloth on the leaves. Once this is done, if you want to get an excellent result, you can fill an empty sprayer with just water and rinse your hedge in this way.