Homeopathic anti-inflammatories

Homeopathic anti-inflammatories

Too easily, in everyday life, bothersome inflammatory disorders (from the intestine, to the stomach, to the neck) are treated with generic anti-inflammatory drugs. Exaggerated and sometimes harmful quantities are sometimes taken for the organism, as they are still chemically created products in the laboratory. Instead, it would be healthier and more intelligent to use homeopathic anti-inflammatories. They are plants or medicinal herbs that are often widespread and readily available, although we do not know the healing properties. These plants are able to cure inflammation without causing annoying side effects. Of course also for the use of these natural remedies it is good to rely on the advice of an expert, be it a doctor or a herbalist. It is not excluded that any of these plants, however natural, may cause problems for people who are particularly sensitive to certain components. Excluding these special cases, homeopathic anti-inflammatories they can be used for long periods of time and not only to cure, but also to prevent any disorders.

Homeopathic anti-inflammatory for the cervical

A widespread disorder (roughly in half of the world population), especially among women, is pain in the neck, or more precisely cervicalgia. The cervical is the highest part of the vertebral column and includes seven vertebrae, connected by ligaments and covered by muscles. This type of disorder is the result of a stress to which the neck is subjected. The causes can be multiple: traumas during sports activity, the so-called "whiplash", a wrong posture, psychological stress, arthritis, etc. Even in this case, resorting to the use of medicines could lead to more serious problems over time. Especially if the pain is quite frequent. Homeopathic medicine runs to our aid with the homeopathic anti-inflammatories for the cervical. If the trauma is of a muscular nature, the most suitable remedy is Arnica montana. If the pain is due to cervical arthrosis, accompanied by vertigo, Bryonia is needed. The Hypericum perforatum treats the traumas of the nerve endings, while for the pains following a bad posture there is the Actea racemosa (or cimicifuga).

Anti-inflammatory foods

Much more frequently than we think we can cure pain and discomfort caused by inflammation simply with a correct and balanced diet. There are anti-inflammatory foods that can prevent and treat all types of inflammation that our body can suffer. From the intestine, to the stomach, through muscle and tendon pains, everything can be tackled simply by eating wisely. It is enough to know the healing properties of the foods that nature offers us. Meanwhile, a diet based on fruits and vegetables, with the addition of whole foods is already an excellent remedy for gastrointestinal disorders. The Omega 3 present in oily fish or in some shelled fruits are important for improving blood oxygenation. Already known are the therapeutic properties of olive oil, very common in Mediterranean cuisine, while less known, but equally important, are linseed oil and hemp oil. Linen is an excellent digestive that helps the intestinal system, while hemp is excellent for nervous disorders ... Do not forget the rice with its detoxifying action.

Homeopathic anti-inflammatory against the flu

With the arrival of the winter season and the appearance of the first colds, the flu unfortunately also arrives. Colds, coughs, headaches and increased body temperature force us to bed for long days. If traditional medicine recommends anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs in these cases, nature gives us homeopathic anti-inflammatory drugs against the flu. These natural remedies are able to stimulate the production of anti-pathogens that our body already possesses. If you have been exposed to the wind and are beginning to feel the first flu disturbances, such as chills and physical weakness, Aconitum napellus is a right remedy. While fever is already high, Belladonna, with its properties, will help bring mercury down onto the thermometer and also alleviate the headache from the flu. If the fever is accompanied by a cold and gastrointestinal disorders what is good for us is Nux vomica, while for joint pain the Eupatorium perfoliatum is very good. When the symptoms are still generic, the Ferrum phosphoricum and the Gelsemium also help against vertigo.