Ferrari rotary cultivators

Ferrari rotary cultivators

The rotary cultivator is a machine that is mainly created to perform milling operations. Small machine, suitable for small plots of land, indispensable where the available space is reduced to a minimum. The Ferrari rotary cultivators have these features, as well as a range of additional accessories to be the envy. Start with the Ferrari 310 PowerSafe®: 6.7 HP of petrol-fueled power. With recoil starter; two gears available, one for each direction of travel. Through 4 other versions you get to the Ferrari 360 PowerSafe®, the top of the range: to begin with, there are 1 petrol engine and two diesel engines that deliver 11.7, 11 and 12.2 HP respectively. Here the gearbox provides 3 gears for each direction of travel, with a fast reversing gear. Differential lock and ballast on the sides.

Ferrari rotary cultivators for the hobbyist

For those who work in the garden or in the garden of the house and do not have great needs the Ferrari 310 PowerSafe® rotary cultivator is the ideal vehicle. The steering handles can be adjusted and are also reversible, to take full advantage of the machine by connecting front or rear tools. The engine is a Subaru EX21 powered by petrol which delivers a power of 4.9 KW / 6.7 HP. The gearbox with which it is equipped allows a gear for each direction of travel and a speed of 1.05 km / h forward and 2.68 km / h in the rear with trim cutter (therefore with engine forward). Note that if the handlebars are inverted the speed values ​​are also inverted. Even if the machine is mainly designed for milling operations, the manufacturer offers a wide range of accessories; secondary only in the name, which easily transform the machine into a lawnmower, a mower or a snowplough.

The semi-professional Ferrari rotary cultivators

In the wide choice available, the Ferrari 328 PowerSafe® rotary cultivator is the machine for those who want to use the machine in the garden or in the garden, but expect something more. As on all the vehicles in the range, here too we have adjustable and reversible steering blades for connecting front or rear implements. We have said machine for those who want something more: a choice of 3 petrol and one diesel engines. The petrol is the Subaru EX 21 of 6.7 HP, the Honda GX200 of 5.5 HP and the GX270 of 8.4 HP. The diesel is a Lombardini 15LD350 of 7.5 HP. The gearbox is a 3-speed forward + 3 reverse that allows this machine a speed of 3.88 km / h forward and 4.08 km / h in the rear, with cutter arrangement (therefore motor forward); of course we are talking about maximum speed. Even here, if the handlebars are inverted, the speed values ​​are also inverted. Eight different tools are available for this rotary cultivator.

Ferrari rotary cultivators for professionals

Here we are in the field, in the true sense of the word: machines for intensive use, for those who need high performance vehicles, without compromises. the 360; all PowerSafe®.Naturally, here too we find adjustable and reversible steering bar for the combination with front or rear tools. There are 9 possible engines: 6 petrol and 3 diesel engines. The powers supplied range from a minimum of 5.5 KW / 7.5 HP up to a maximum of 9 KW / 12.2 HP. The entire range is equipped with a 3 + 3 gearbox. Ten different tools available for these vehicles, for power and versatility: cutter, plow, furrower, cutter bars, snow plow, turbine snow blower, sweeper, 56 cm lawn mower, 100 cm lawn mower , single blade mulcher 80 cm, BladeRunner.