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Organic goji berries

What are goji berries

Goji berries are a native fruit of Asia, widespread in China and Mongolia, known in the East since time immemorial and known in Europe since the seventies thanks to an American scholar who first recognized its properties, allowing its development also on the our territory. This vegetable is recognized as the fruit of youth thanks to its anti-aging and antioxidant benefits, it has a low intake of calories despite having a substantial protein and carbohydrate content. A constant and daily consumption of 15 grams counteracts the onset of numerous diseases thanks to the antibacterial, antihypertensive and anticancer properties of goji berries. They effectively counteract the aging of the body by promoting cell renewal and are considered by leading experts in the field to be a true elixir of long life.

Organic goji berries

Organic goji berries are fruits of a type of plant that develops as a shrub, not reaching dizzy heights, and are generally consumed after drying. With the introduction also in the European market, their presence in markets and supermarkets has increased a great deal but, to be able to fully enjoy the unquestionable properties given off by these fruits, it is important that they derive exclusively from organic farming. Organic farming provides a type of cultivation that respects plants and soil because it completely excludes the use of chemical components. Since there is no additive of any kind, the plant grows following the natural course and is consumed on the table with all its original nutritional and healthy values. Although the price of organic berries is slightly higher than the others, they are certainly preferable to other varieties.

How to taste goji berries

Goji berries are a sweet fruit that can be consumed naturally, without the addition of other ingredients. Because of their versatility they can be combined for the realization of tasty recipes. It is possible to make infusions by simply boiling the berries for a few moments and then filtering the water which will take on a bright reddish color. They can be consumed inside plain yoghurt or even adding honey and cereals for a healthy but low-calorie snack. The organic berries can also be used in the preparation of desserts, for example you can put in the dough of biscuits, strudel or muffins or they can be used as a decoration for cakes and pastries, just use your imagination.

Organic goji berries: The health benefits of goji berries

Goji berries, despite being a very small fruit, are rich in virtues. Their composition includes a considerable amount of vitamins A, B, C, essential for the development of the organism, sight, muscle tone and bone strength, and their great contribution to reducing blood glucose levels has been clinically demonstrated , responsible for diabetic diseases. They contain copper, iron, phosphorus and manganese, substances that have the merit of accelerating the metabolism, favoring the elimination of harmful waste. The calcium and selenium contained therein strengthen the skeleton and memory. Thanks to the antioxidant components the berries contrast degenerative diseases affecting the nervous system, they are powerful anti-inflammatory and anticancer drugs.