Goji berries for sale

Active principles of goji berries

Goji berries are considered an elixir of long life, this is also witnessed by the longevity of the Asian peoples who, since the dawn of time, have made, and still do, a very large consumption. The active principles of goji berries are many, first of all vitamins C and E that protect against the onset of free radicals and oxidative stress: this explains the anti-aging effect of the plant. The antioxidant power of this vegetable is far superior to that of blueberry, raspberry and dark chocolate, foods known for their benefits. Copper, iron and potassium, contained therein, regulate the metabolism, strengthen the immune system from external attacks, detoxify the liver and kidneys and, consequently, purify the body of harmful waste, making the skin brighter.

How to eat goji berries

Goji berries have a soft consistency and a sweetish taste, similar in some ways to raisins, and, thanks to the high protein and nutritional value, while maintaining a low glycemic contribution, can be consumed during breakfast, or as snack at any time of the day to immediately get a real boost of energy. Many consume natural goji berries, without any addition, while others prefer to add them to plain yogurt, honey and cereals, creating a very good and healthy mix. It is possible to boil the berries in water, leaving them to infuse for a few moments, creating a fragrant herbal tea, with a characteristic reddish color, which proves beneficial for the urinary tract and soothing for the irritated stomach, a real cure-all.

The discovery, or rediscovery, of goji berries

Goji berries are a food, known since ancient times in Eastern cultures, but unknown or semi-unknown in the West. We started talking about this plant, and the undeniable advantages arising from its daily consumption, since 1973, when the American ethnobotanist Bradley Dobos translated its name from the Chinese and praised this extraordinary plant. From that moment on, a growing attention to healthy living, a rediscovery of traditional values, a curiosity towards philosophies of life different from those in the West, have decreed the success of this plant that began to be increasingly present in everyday life. of those who want to feed themselves with natural and healthy products. From almost unavailable first fruits, goji berries have become a widely consumed commodity.

Goji Berries Sale: Where to Buy Goji Berries

The goji berries, being a natural product, coming from a plant, are to be considered in all respects a herbal product, so the first place to go for the purchase is undoubtedly the herbal medicine. Because this vegetable has gained enormous success in a short time, it is not difficult to find it also for sale in supermarkets and large-scale distribution, in the dried fruit department. Furthermore, the internet proves to be an excellent channel for finding not only goji berries but also products derived from them. There are numerous infusions, juices and powders that have them as the main ingredient. Some regular consumers, gardening enthusiasts, have even thrown themselves into the cultivation of this type of plant, which requires a lot of water and takes root particularly well in hot and humid climates.