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Honda mower

Honda mowers: general features Honda mowers are available in more than 30 models and are able to satisfy every customer need. They are suitable for all types of terrain, both small and large, flat or uneven, due to the high grass and turf.
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Pruning and repotting

Question: Pruning and repotting I have recently bought a zelkova ulmus parvifolia bonsai and once at home I realized that the bonsai has a structure similar to the informal upright style but has an excessive sloping in all the branches that I cannot correct with the wire because they are now thick and woody.
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Drawings of cages for ducklings and how to do it yourself at home

Breeding ducks is not an easy task, in contrast to popular belief, which is erroneous. In addition to the skills of the farmer, cash costs will also be required. There are two breeding methods: floor keeping and cage keeping. The last method is more modern and budgetary. At the same time, the key to a successful start in breeding birds is proper care of young animals, which includes equipping a cage for ducklings.
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Apartment plants

Sick yucca

Question: sick yucca A couple of months ago I found parasites on the leaves of the plant that I treated with an insecticide. However after a short time the leaves or all the stems have bent. I brought the plant outdoors but without success. What should I do? Portal Cool Elephant Giant Taro Seeds Alocasia macrorrhiza of the ear Plants Heirloom Green Dishlia Price
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Garden furniture

Outdoor cement tiles

Outdoor cement tiles Concrete tiles are mainly used for exterior cladding, due to their rather rough and rustic appearance. They represent a resistant and economical material, and for this reason they are widespread, above all where the external floors cover large areas.
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Trees and self-locking

Question: trees and self-locking good morning, we are redoing the garden with the self-locking devices, could you help me to understand which trees or plants I could put without the risk that the roots raise them? I like trees with a trunk, not shrubs, preferably that bloom and are not poisonous and I live in the Po valley.
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